Patient Portal

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Patient Portal Registration

You can register a patient portal account by accepting the invitation email sent by Upstate Mental Health once you have completed the New Patient Registration forms and have been accepted as a patient. For demonstration purposes only, the below images show ABX Community Hospital instead of Upstate Mental Health.

Note :

If you have not received the invitation email,

Once you have the invitation email, follow the steps below to register your account.

Step 1:

DOB verification is done to confirm that you are authorized to access this patient’s medical records.


Make sure that you enter DOB in the format mentioned in the form. For example, if your DOB is June 20, 1990, enter ‘06/20/1990’ (for mm/dd/yyyy format)

If you get date of birth mismatch error, there is a possibility that an incorrect Date of Birth is entered by your practice. Contact your practice for correcting it.

Step 2:


If the username that you have entered is already in use, you will be asked to enter a different name.

Please remember the username and password. In case, if you forgot the password, use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on to reset your password.