We care for all mental health disorders across the life span, including but not limited to:

Medication Management

We work with you to provide the best medication regimen to assist with becoming a healthier and happier you. Discussion of symptoms, history, lifestyle, and other concerns can help direct the care and best medication options for each patient. Every person is different; often going through years of treatment incorrectly diagnosed. We will utilize evidence-based practice, such as treatment algorithms, to create an individual plan to meet your unique needs. Treatment algorithms are studied and proven step-by-step medication management strategies for specific disorders. 

Supportive Therapy

We strive to offer the most impactful treatment plan. We offer therapy as part of our follow up medication management services, which is focused in supportive and motivational therapy. We can assist with coping mechanisms and cognitive tools to help manage irrational fears, obsessive worries, anxiety and depression among many other symptoms that are causing you concern. By offering collaboration with your personal therapist or assisting you in finding and establishing care with a therapist in the community, patients have continuity of care and better outcomes. Studies have shown that medication management plus therapy have provided the best results. We refer out therapy services if we feel that a patient would benefit from more regular therapy or a specific treatment modality, such as DBT, trauma-focused therapy, and many others. Allowing you the ability to grow and offering the helping hand you may need to get you connected with those professionals in the community to best serve your needs.

Genetic Testing 

Genetic testing can help determine the medication that will offer the best results by seeing how you metabolize medications. By utilizing these tools, we can decrease the amount of time it takes for patients to have improvement of symptoms from the start of care. By avoiding medications that you may not metabolize well. Also if you may benefit from supplements to help improve serotonin production as many people have MTHFR gene mutation. Providing safe, optimal patient care is important to us and will remain at the forefront of our treatment services. Find out more on their site by clicking here for Genesight and Genomind.